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招牌菜 Specialty Dishes

Bean Curd with Lamb on Rice

Deep Fried Chicken Leg on Rice

Deep Fried Chicken Leg w/ Ramen

Deep Fried Chicken Leg w/ Curry Rice

Pork Liver & Chicken w/ Vermicelli in Soup

Chicken w/ Vermicelli in Soup

沙 鍋 Hot Pot

Korean Style Beef in Soup W/ Instant Noodles (Spicy)

Korean Style Tofu & Seafood in Soup W/ Rice (Spicy)

Beef W/ Vermicelli in Soup

Lamb Meat W/ Ramen in Soup

Clams W/ Pork in Soup Rice

頭盤及小食 Appetizers & Snacks

Pork Wonton Soup

Deep Fried Chicken Willow

Deep Fried Beef Steak

Deep Fried Pork Steak

Deep Fried Squid Head

Deep Fried Fish Pieces(6pcs)

Hainanese Chicken 1/4 part

B.B.Q. Duck 1/4 part

Deep Fried Tofu

Deep Fried Pork Wonton

Deep Fried Chicken Wings(3pcs)

Curry Fish Balls

Fish Paste Shao Mai (Spicy)

Seasonal Vegetable w/Oyster Sauce

Beef Tripe in Soup

Clam w/Soup

Spring Rolls (2pcs)

大碗麵 Big Bowl Soup Noodle

Pork Dumpling in Soup W/ Vermicelli

Seafood W/ Vermicelli in Soup

Beef & Seafood W/ Ramen (Spicy)

Tokyo Style Soup W/ Ramen

Pork Chop W/ Ramen in Soup (Peanut Butter)

Luncheon Meat & Egg W/ Instant Noodles in Soup

Preserved Vegetable Pork W/ Vermicelli

Mushrooms and Vegetables W Rice Noodle in Soup

Fish Balls W/ Rice Noodle in Soup

Pork Hock in Soup W/ Vermicelli

Beef Tripe W/ Noodle in Soup

Beef Brisket W/ Ramen in Soup

Chitterlings W/Noodle in Soup

BBQ Duck in Soup W/ Rice/Noodle

炒飯/粉麵 Fried Rice & Noodle

Prawn & Egg w/ Rice Noodle

Fried Vermicelli Singapore Style

Bean Sproutt w/Pork Fried Egg Noodle

Fried Black Pepper Beef w/ Udon

Sliced Beef Fried Rice Noodle

Chicken Fried Rice

Beef Fried Rice

Yuen-Chow Fried Rice

焗飯類 Baked Rice

Baked Portuguese Style Chicken on Rice (Sauce on the Side)

Baked Meat Paste W/ Cheese on Spaghetti

Baked Pork Chop W/ Cheese on Rice

Baked Seafood W/ Cheese on Rice

飯類 Rice

Pork W/ Vegetables on Rice

Pork Chop,Ham, Egg on Rice

Pork Chop and Chicken Steak on Rice

Beef Steak W/ Tomato Sauce On Rice + Scrambled Egg

Chicken W/ Tomato Sauce on Rice

Chicken W/ Cream Sauce on Rice

Fried Pork W/Soya Sauce on Rice

Unagi w/ Fried Egg on Rice

Vegetables w/Tofu on Rice

Pork W/ Vegetables on Rice

Bitter Melon W/ Beef On Rice

Tomato W/ Beef On Rice

Egg W/ Beef On Rice

Mixed Oyster & Egg on Rice

Hainanese Chicken on Rice

生滾靚靚粥 Congee

Fish Slices Congee

Chicken Congee (Boneless)

Minced Beef Congee

Preserved Egg & Pork Congee

自家制咖喱 Curry

Curry Chicken on Rice

Curry w/Beef on Rice

Curry w/Beef Brisket on Rice

Curry with Lamb w/Rice

三明治 Sandwiches

French Toast (peanut)

Corn Beef & Egg Sandwich

Ham & Egg Sandwich

各式波霸 Bubble Tea

Plain Tea W/Milk Bubble Tea

Coconut Bubble Tea

Strawberry Bubble Tea

Taro Bubble Tea

Mango Bubble Tea

特色飲品 Specialty Drinks

7-UP with Ice-cream

Coke with Ice-cream

Coffee with Ice-cream

Grass jelly with Ice-cream

Red bean with Ice-cream

飲品 Beverage


Almond Drink

Chocolate Drink

Tea with Lemon

H.K. style Mixed Coffee & Tea

H.K. Style Milk Tea

H.K. style Coffee